Welcome to Health & Success with Barb!

Over the past 9 months I’ve been slowly building an online business.  Wow – I’ve learned a lot along the way.  Yes, I’ve spent some $$ at it as well . . . and I’ve been distracted by many a shiny object!

But . . . in the past month or two . . . everything has clicked in my brain and this stuff is actually beginning to come together 🙂

I’m now working with a few amazing companies.  The mentoring I’m receiving is phenomenal and I have slowly but surely began to exit my comfort zone.

With a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy I have learned the hard truth that I am the only person that can really “help” myself.  Exercise, proper nutrition, and just plain taking care of myself are the best medicine.  It has only been in the past year that I have really begun to reach out and take notice of what is going on in the world in regard to disabled persons.  That said, I’m very proud to provide a daily collection of headlines from around the world that focus on Cerebral Palsy and Disability related issues.

I will be sharing information about the companies I am working with as well as all of the great “tools of the trade” that I’m picking up along the way.

Be sure to check out “About Barb” for a more detailed glimpse into who I am!